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Hands and Feet

We often neglect these over used areas of our bodies, yet they are the parts that suffer the most. We can condition nails, banish hard skin and refine cuticles, all finished off with a  soothing massage and if you would like, a beautiful nail colour of your choice. We use only high quality OPI nail varnish and natural, paraben and sulphate free massage cream from the Kaeso beauty range.


Luxury Manicure  1 Hour                       £45  (With Warm Mitts)

Mini Manicure      1/2  Hour                  £26  

French Manicure (White Tips)             £26    

Mini Pedicure       1/2 Hour                   £26       
Luxury Pedicure  1 Hour                        £45
  (With Warm Booties)                                           

Hand and Foot Massage                        £15

Includes nail cutting and massage. Particularly good for elderly persons.

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